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Hi I'm Ayo and I help sassy, creative girlpreneurs like you exude more confidence, radiance + power to create a magnetic style + life they love. If that's you and it's what you're looking for, you've come to the right place! 

  • Do you have good intentions of dressing up, but end up wearing the same boring outfits?

  • Are there clothes in your wardrobe that you've never worn or don't even remember buying?

  • Do you only buy "classic" colors like black, white, and gray?

Learn the Secrets of True Style

Hi, I'm Ayo Fashola, and I'm the founder of Style + Star. With me, you'll learn the secrets of true style! 

We'll work together to learn about the best clothes to suit your unique body shape and I'll keep your everyday lifestyle in mind to help you create a style that works and is achievable every day! 

I also share Top-to-Toe grooming tips and tricks to help you feel and look your best. Let's collabo on the best ideas to boost your confidence and self -esteem to a higher level. Get ready to STRUT YOUR STUFF in a fun and light-hearded way!

Which Stylista Best Describes You?

Brilliant Brenda

You're ready to wear your brilliance.

Right now, you feel your wardrobe doesn't reflect how smart and savvy you are. 

You have a hodgepodge and a muddle of styles in your closet that don't co-ordinate, fit or work. 

You're ready for a more confident and secure personal style. It's time to shop with confidence and ease!

Fabulous Felicia

Let's dress your radiance.

You're looking to build on your existing style. You have a style base that you're working from that makes you feel comfortable and at ease... 

No matter the event or situation.

You're looking to add that next level of FABULOUSNESS!

You want to try new "trends and vibes.” There is only one problem: You don't know how!

Magnetic Meagan

It's time to style your star. 

You're exploring a completely new sense of style. 

You may feel that your personal style is out of date, dowdy, boring or just doesn't reflect who you want to be. But this doesn't have to be you!

Highlight your star qualities and feel attractive and magnetic from the inside out. Let's work together to Style THE Star in you. 


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Your Praises

A.M. Morgan

I went to Ayo initially for some insight into what to wear and some shopping advice. However, it was an overall transformational experience. It is not just about what you think looks good on you, but how it makes you feel. 

I now make more conscious choices into what I wear everyday based on colors and my body type with styles which will look great on my skin tone and communicate my confidence. ...READ MORE

My Mission

At Style + Star, I'm all about self-discovery, beauty of expression, excellence, and loving life

I empower you to recognize your self-worth. To believe in the best that you are, and to design your brand as a powerful self-expression. 

nurture my communities through love, connectivity, collaboration, and communication.


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