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Hi, I'm Ayo and I'm so glad you're here. 

I'm so excited about 2018 because I found where I could be ME in business, love, and life and help YOU do the same. This is the year you're going to rock out and stand out in a positive and amazing way. Are you ready?

For 6 years, I worked as an image consultant, giving advice to hundreds of women about how to improve their personal appearance. It was fun delving into all aspects of fashion and beauty, but my soul and spirit called for something much deeper and richer than just surface updates. Over time, I discovered I love helping women hone in on their signature style. 

For a long time, I struggled with my own feelings of low self-worth and low self-esteem. I lacked confidence and lots of times feeling "not good enough" no matter how I appeared.

I didn't like the cliche "fake it until you make it." It didn't sit well with me. Why did I have to fake anything? 

I didn't like the message I couldn't succeed being a feminine woman.  I didn't like hearing that being feminine, creative, smart, and sexy wasn't enough. The idea of choosing between either a lucrative career or a luscious love life didn't work for me either. I wanted both. 

Enough was enough. It was time to kick these DUMB messages that I had to choose one over the other to the curb!

In 2011, I completed a style coaching course, which is a blend of personal styling + life coaching in one. 

Through this course, I've coached myself step-by-step to more confidence and greater self-esteem. Now I've customized my own programs which I think a woman of any background can benefit from. My own unique approach is to engage the new kind of African Aesthetics with touches of European style (Think burst of lovely vibrant colors with clean, classic lines).

I'm African and I live in a western world. When these two cultures come together, something beautiful, respectful, and magical happens.

I help women to exude confidence, radiance, and power through their personal style. Click here to read more about this.

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“Ayo has an uncanny ability to see people for who they truly are and marry that insight with her extensive knowledge of color, style and fashion to help her clients look and feel their very best. I believe that Ayo’s intuition is her greatest asset and that it helps her do well, not only as a style consultant but also as a branding and PR professional.” 

Gayle Goodman - Gayle Goodman Communications

“I like to think of Ayo and I as colleagues in the fashion industry. While I adorn windows, Ayo adorns people! This woman’s breadth of knowledge is astounding for someone so young, but not surprising, as she is devoted 24/7 to her calling. The changes she made in my wardrobe and image have achieved positive results in my personal and professional life. I highly recommend Ayo Fashola, and Style Your Star, if your personal style and confidence could use a boost!
Rebecca Phillbrook - WindowsbyRebecca

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As a personal style mentor, I use the latest skills and the latest coaching techniques. Style + Star uses cutting-edge coaching exercises and tools you'll find empowering and enlightening. Above all, you'll have tons of fun and you'll grow. 

Learn how anyone can access the state of inner confidence and grow in self-esteem. True "style" comes from a combination of inner and outer confidence. Style + Star is the only specialization which gives you access to both at your fingertips. 

Style + Star offers endless possibilities and is always focused on YOU! Whether you are looking for a simple makeover for a special occasion or an inner and outer transformation, as your Personal Style Mentor, I can tailor my range of services to suit your needs.

I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

I don't just put clothes on your body, I dress your soul~~Ayo