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I'm Retiring My Wear Your Brilliance Program

Posted on June 16, 2017 at 9:10 PM

On August 31, 2017, I will no longer offer my Wear Your Brilliance in 4 weeks Program. I've got an amazing new program and service coming out soon that will replace this service. My Wear Your Brilliance in 4 Weeks Program is my Basic Style Program Plan and I'm offering it as at a special low price before I wave goodbye to it forever. Read on to learn how you can save over $400 on my program before it's gone.

Session 1 - Week 1: Color Analysis

The first thing we do in week 1 is a color analysis. The best colors for you are determined by your hair color, skin color, and eye color. I bring over 50 color swatches in various tones, hues, and shades to help us determine which colors look sensational on you. We will learn what colors cause your skin to look younger, fresher and more radiant, and that are best to build a makeup palette and wardrobe around.

You will also learn what colors look horrific and ghastly and that make you look drained and 10 years older than you are. When we are done, we will go through your closet together to remove these ugly color gremlins from your closet.


Session 2 - Week 2: Body Type



Did you know there are over 48 different female body shapes? Yes! 48. Each one of us has the amazing option to dress our own beautiful unique figure in a way that fits and flatters us best.


In week 2, I take your measurements (shoulders, bust, waist, and hips), and we determine together which out of the 48 body types represents your beautiful unique physique. No more pining after someone else's body and learn to love your own!  We will learn together what tops, dresses, shoes, jackets, accessories, pants, etc., are your must haves! 


I will also let you know what tops, dresses, shoes, jackets, accessories, pants, etc., you should avoid and NEVER PURCHASE AGAIN!  When we are done, we will go through your closet together to remove the items that don't fit and flatter.


This session might be painful for you or easy. It depends on your attitude, but my thing is this -- Wouldn't it be better to have a closet that makes you dance with joy and you can't wait to get dressed out of? I think it's worth everything!



Session 3 - Week 4: Fashion Style



When I was in my 20s, I experimented with many fashion styles. I didn't know who I I explored to discover my tastes and preferences. During my 20s, I learned that designers focused on 5 major style categories: Classic, Romantic, Dramatic, Creative, and Natural (Bohemian).


Experimenting got rather expensive and I noticed my closet didn't coordinate very well. When I turned 30 and obtained my certification as a style coach, I was able to hone in on my fashion style: Romantic/Dramatic! Yup...that's me. I love feminine, sensual, sexy + I'm a romantic at heart, with a dash of drama/sophistication which I like to express in my shoes and accessories.


If you are tired of being all over the place and want a signature style that rocks, defining your personal style is key. In week 3, we learn who you are together. We get clear on how you want to show up...STYLE-WISE. What do you love? What do you gravitate to? What makes you feel happy and joyful when you wear it? Once we get clear on your style through my style questionnaire, we will go through your closet like we did in week 1 and 2, and weed out the clothes that do not reflect the image you want to radiate.


Session 4 - Week 4: Personal Shopping



Week 4 is when we put all of what we've learned about you and your style together. In this session, you will experience the joy of shopping...WITH A PLAN! YES.


No more winging it, no more wasting money, no more getting caught up in trends that have nothing to do with you. You'll be armed with the tools you need to battle any shopping, at a boutique, or at a major department store. If you've never shopped with a plan before, you'll wonder how you ever coped without one.


During week 4, it is not necessary that you buy clothes, although you may want to because you'll love how everything works and fits together. This is only a learning session for you to apply what you've learned in a practical way with a personal stylist by your side. You get to shop from a personal stylist point of view, so you learn to shop fast without compromising on style, quality, and fit. 


At the end of our 4 weeks, you'll discover that it was loads of fun and you'll tell me how you wish you would have done this sooner LOL! It's ok. Hey, better late...than never. Right?

Sign Up Today and SAVE!!

Right now, The Wear Your Briliance in 4 Weeks Program along with the Style Consultation is $2249. If you book between now and June 30th, I'll waive the style consultation fee of $250 plus an additional $200 off my Wear Your Brilliance Program. That's a savings of $450!!!

To get started, I'll ask that you fill out my style profile questionnaire and schedule a 30-minute phone call with me...FREE! I only have 10 slots open between now and August 12 for these 30-minute sessions. The style profile session will help us determine if you are the perfect candidate for my 90-minute powerpack signature style consultation. 


After August 31st, I will no longer offer this program. Sign up today!


Click here to begin! 

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