Style + Star

Create a signature style that rocks without spending a fortune doing it!

Wherever you are in your style journey, I can help you feel more confident, no matter your age, height, weight or size. 

Style is when you look in the mirror and you're happy with what you see. You no longer put yourself down or make harsh judgments or comments. You feel happy and you feel great.

You feel confident about your style choices and you don't need to rely on the opinions of others. You've learned about what works for you and what doesn't.

We were all born naked, so, style can be learned. I've noticed that most people looking for a style change fall into one of three groups:


Brilliant Brenda

Wear Your Brilliance in 4 Weeks

In 4 weeks, you'll get a firm grasp of the basics. Finally answer the question: What IS my style? Gain confidence in your ability to shop for clothes that highlight you in a positive and amazing way.

No more expensive shopping mistakes and a wardrobe full of guilt! We'll develop a style action plan that's signature to you. Target your styles and colors quickly that fit and flatter you best.

Learn your best colors, how to best dress your body shape, and target the best stores for your style. 

Ready to begin?

Fabulous Felicity

Dress Your Radiance in 60 Days

In 60 days, you'll learn to look at your basics in fresh, new ways. Add fun, fresh energy to your style to get the right look and feel. You'll learn how to add accessories and use them to inject more creativity and playfulness into your style.  

In time, you'll have a frustration-free, colorful and exciting wardrobe.

Get fabulous and have with fashion. Experiment with something new, get creative and explore your tastes. Get to know yourself more than ever and begin to tune in to your inner sense of style. 

Ready to begin?

Magnetic Marilyn

Style Your Star in 90 Days

In 90 Days, you'll build your image from the ground up. You'll get the tools you need to "get out of your own way" and really let your style shine. Create a personal style mission statement that's ALL you! 

Gain more body confidence. Learn the difference between trends and high fashion. Create your own signature look on your terms. Develop an image that's shining with confidence from the inside out.

Open the doors to a selection of outfits and accessories. Look and feel your best, no matter what the day holds in store!

Ready to begin?



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